We build a community, we build a lifestyle and a profitable foundation where every holder is an owner. That’s it. That’s the purpose of ViktorDAO.


Founded by Viktor - a co-founder and CMO at Heavenland


ViktorDAO aims to provide everything that an average web 3 user would expect:

  • Trust
  • Passive Income
  • Sustainability
  • Long term value
  • Expertise

Web 3...

ViktorDAO represents a foundation that already manages and will manage services related to web 3 but also real business.

This will ensure regular inflow of funds to help ViktorDAO foundation to develop, grow, acquire more businesses and reward members of ViktorDAO on a regular basis.

Revenue Streams

ViktorDAO plans to offer paid web 3 services such as Discord Bots to be able to reach long term sustainability, keep providing professional services on a high level and reward all holders.

ViktorDAO is also backed by a skincare business which already gained first users and proved itself with enough interest to make the business a strong part of the ViktorDAO foundation.

Discord Bots
Social Media
Web2 Business

ViktorBath & Co.

ViktorDAO is backed by web2 skincare business that already generates revenue which will be split among ViktorDAO holders.

Currently 3 products (soap, hand cream, hair shampoo)

More than 100 regular customers (AirBnB hosts)

Expansion to hotels and to retail customers by EOY 2022

ViktorBath & Co. Shampoo
ViktorBath & Co. Hand Cream
ViktorBath & Co. Soap


V pass is an NFT that will be launched by ViktorDAO. Each NFT will grant its owner a possibility to:

Access to the Exclusive ViktorDAO Discord section and chats
Have Free access to discord bots developed by ViktorDAO team
ViktorBath & Co. rights
ViktorDAO Gang Card
DAO Voting
Discounts for ViktorDAO services





Tech lead

SOL Princess

Advisor | ViktorBath & Co



SOL Leaders



Collab manager


Community manager


Who is behind ViktorDAO?

ViktorDAO was founded by Viktor - Cofounder and CMO of Heavenland (TOP 2 Metaverse on Sol). However, the team consists of professionals with great web3 experience and track record.

What are Revenue Streams?

ViktorDAO profits from Discord Bots service, Social Media presence and ViktorBath & Co.

Are you already generating revenue?

Yes, ViktorDAO already generates profit. DAO holders will decide every month what would happen with funds. Financial reports are available in Discord.

What is the main goal of Viktor DAO?

Become #1 collection on Solana with the biggest reach and rewards for the holders.

How is your mint "risk free"?

If needed, ViktorDAO will be sweeping all V-Passes for 48 hours after the mint on Magic Eden to hold the floor at least at mint price to guarantee "risk free" mint. Details in Whitepaper.

Total Supply and Mint price?

Supply and Mint price TBA at least 7 days prior to the mint.

When mint?

TBA. Expected in December!